Multiple Act Careers: Stories from Women who Switched up Their Careers and What They Learned (Virtual)


February 17, 2022    
7:00 am

*Montgomery Women Members Only
The typical person may be in the full-time workforce from age 22 to age 67—that’s 45 years!  People no longer stay at one company for their whole careers and retire with a pension. On average, people switch jobs every four years. In addition to moving up an organizational ladder, people may also switch industries or switch careers entirely.  This panel discussion will include perspectives from women who changed careers or started new careers after retirement. It will cover a variety of topics, including: How did they decide to make a change? How did they transfer their skills and knowledge from one industry to another?  What challenges did they face and what did they need to learn to make the change successful?  What other adjustments did they need to make in their personal life (financial, family time, etc.) to support the career change. The panel also includes a professional resume writer who, in addition to having had multiple careers herself, will provide tips on marketing yourself through your resume. 

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