Launching Women Leaders

Montgomery Women, a non-partisan, all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3) organization, encourages and inspires women to break through glass ceilings.

Twenty years ago, a group of prominent women leaders realized the need to provide a forum for women’s voices and pathways to leadership in Montgomery County. Through active mentoring, advocacy, networking, and engaging programming, we help foster women’s leadership in every sector — public, non-profit, and private.

Over the last two decades, women of every age and stage of life have made steady gains in their quest for positions of power and influence — including elected and appointed positions — thanks to our organization’s vision and energy.

Today, Montgomery Women has evolved into the pre-eminent local non-profit advocating for active, equitable participation in our County’s civic and community life. Our dynamic, engaged members, representing leaders throughout our community, work towards racial equity, oppose systemic racism, and promote social justice as we seek to break down the barriers that impact all women. We are committed to growing an organization that proactively supports and advances leaders who identify as women of color and reflects Montgomery County’s diversity in our leadership, membership, programs, and events.

Why Montgomery Women?

As an entirely volunteer-led and driven organization, Montgomery Women members are doers and achievers. Our members include elected officials as well as business and civic leaders representing the entire County.

We are the original “influencers,” mostly leading on the front lines, working to promote equity and inclusion to improve our County for the benefit of all citizens. We bring together women from all cultural backgrounds and every corner of our County to advance common interests and support outstanding women in their leadership trajectory.

Our work supporting the professional advancement of women is done in partnership with a variety of individuals and organizations whose missions and goals align with ours. This allows us to amplify our message and impact.

Help Achieve an Outsized Impact

We offer three ways for you to financially support Montgomery Women as you are able.

(1) Your annual membership. Join Here

(2) Supporting our partnership with Montgomery College via the Montgomery Women’s Leadership Scholarship Fund

(3) Becoming a sponsorship partner to support high-level programming and network events throughout the year. For us to continue providing the quality of programs for which we are known and that bring the levels of participation that continue to serve and support the leaders who attend, strong funding levels provide our foundation. Your sponsorship support in ways with which you are comfortable is always appreciated.

Our sponsorship partner level sheet is HERE for more details.

We also welcome contributions at whatever amount is within your comfort zone outside of the documented guidelines.

Let’s continue to make a positive impact in our community through our mission and programs!

Thank you!


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